A lawn can take a lot of pounding, but we still want it to look good. So how should we care for it? See our seasonal hints and tips for lawn care throughout the year. 

The first cut of the year:

Only use newly sharpened blades so that the grass is cleanly cut and not torn. Ideally, cut no more than 1/3 of the blade of grass, to maintain healthy growth and a lush looking lawn. 


Aerate a heavily matted lawn using a scarifier when the soil is warm and dry. To assist healthy growth, use a long-term fertiliser during the Spring months. To encourage a thick lawn, mow once a week. During periods of intense growth, cut the lawn twice a week.


Avoid cutting your grass too short when very hot, as it may lose all its nutrients. Leave it at least 30mm high and water well. By using a mulching option, available on all VIKING 5, 6 and R Series mowers (except the MB 545 VR), this provides an ideal natural fertiliser for your lawn.


Mow less frequently when the weather is dry. Fertilising in Autumn is optional, particularly if the lawn has been mulched, but be aware that this will not have any effect until the following Spring. With the last cut of the year, leave the grass slightly higher than normal.